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Diamonds from Antwerp, Belgium

We travel biannually to Antwerp, Belgium, the diamond capital of the world, to hand select impeccable diamonds to bring home to El Dorado, Arkansas. Over sixty percent of the world's rough diamonds are cut and traded in Antwerp, making Murphy-Pitard confident we are bringing perfection back to our hometown.

So, why travel 10,000 miles to buy diamonds?

Our trips to Antwerp provide us with a vast range of top-quality diamonds. We can effortlessly hand select our diamonds according to the exact size, shape, quality and prices we desire. By going directly to the source, we can deliver these diamonds to our clients with significant savings of up to 42%.

While savings may be one of the benefits of this trip, it is not the only unique part of the journey. It is the fact that your personal jeweler is traveling over 10,000 miles to hand select your special treasure from the largest collection of diamonds ever gathered in one place. It is a personal experience that provides our clients with the assurance that they are purchasing a diamond of the highest quality in the world.

This service is accessible to our clients because of Murphy-Pitard Jeweler’s membership in the Independent Jewelers Organization – the world's largest buying group with over 800 members. IJO makes it possible for us to partner directly with De Beers Global Sightholders and Antwerp's leading diamond cutters, thus saving you the substantial importer and distributor charges.

Please stop by the store or call our knowledgeable Sales Team to get more information on this extraordinary offer.

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